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Ready Indiana & Indiana Skills workforce development

Employer Survey: Nearly 40% left jobs unfilled due to under-qualified applicants

The skills gap has become an inescapable wrinkle in Indiana’s labor market and economy, and it has caused employers statewide to speak up.

What we found in the seventh annual Ready Indiana Employer Survey:

  • Of the 532 participating employers, 39% (202) said they have recently left jobs unfilled due to unqualified applicants.
  • The most often cited occupations in need of good applicants were those in the skilled trades, such as an electrician or plumber, and in engineering (from technician to design). 

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  • More than half of all respondents (55%) indicated that work ethic is the most challenging skill to find among applicants and new hires. This is consistent across a number of skills that are not traditionally assessed in the educational setting, often referred to as “soft skills.”
  • Employers also expressed interest in working with the education community to a greater extent. Two-thirds of respondents (67% of 458) said they felt businesses should be more involved in reviewing high school diploma and college degree requirements. And 90% felt employers should be more involved in the design of career and technical education (CTE) programs to make sure they were on target.

Earlier this year, the Indiana Chamber surveyed Indiana employers, asking questions concerning their recruiting practices, training and continuing education offerings, skills needs in their workforce, engagement with educational institutions in their region and knowledge of existing resources  designed for their benefit. The responses spark the development of new programs and initiatives and inform the direction of existing support services to member companies and organizations.

Read the press release here 

See the survey results here 

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